Former GOP Lawmakers Demand Congress Terminate Trump’s National Emergency at Border


A group of former GOP lawmakers is demanding the Republican-Democrat split Congress terminate President Trump’s national emergency declaration at the United States-Mexico border.

This month, Trump declared a national emergency at the southern border, citing widespread drug trafficking, which leads to about 70,000 dead Americans annually and increasing illegal immigration.

In a letter to Congress, former Republican lawmakers claim the national emergency to protect the U.S.-Mexico border is unconstitutional:

As Republican Members of Congress, each of us started with one central understanding of our party’s overarching commitment: to honor our pledge to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. After each election, when our constituents granted us the privilege to again represent them in Congress, we renewed that pledge. It has always been a Republican fundamental principle that no matter how strong our policy preferences, no matter how deep our loyalties to presidents or party leaders, in order to remain a constitutional republic we must act within the borders of the Constitution. Our oath is to put the country and its Constitution above everything, including party politics or loyalty to a president. [Emphasis added].

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