Texas Sheriff from Agency Historically Linked to Drug Cartels Denounces More Border Security


The sheriff of a county known to be the Gulf Cartel’s main corridor into Texas recently spoke out against more border security investments. The Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office is also working to shake the memory of its former sheriff, commander, narcotics unit, and crime stoppers program being tied to Mexican cartel-linked drug traffickers.

In a recent article by the Texas Observer, Hidalgo County Sheriff Eddie Guerra spoke out against spending billions of dollars for a border wall or fence, claiming it would do little to alleviate human or drug smuggling.

“First of all, we already have one physical barrier, that’s the Rio Grande. To cross it, [migrants] use a raft. To cross a 22-foot-high fence, they’ll use a ladder,” Guerra is quoted by the outlet. Neither the article nor Guerra mention that the proposal also calls for more technology, manpower, roads, and other infrastructure.

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